January 6, 2010
You have a number of individual projects (using specific tools in your classroom), but
your main "hook" is this notion of doing research around the use of gaming in a humanities
context within your classroom. We've talked about different means of getting the DS units funded,
but we need to regroup and see where you are "at" on that notion.
Laura Deisley
Jan 18, 2010
Yes, we need to regroup. None of the funding sources are panning out. I'm getting 16 netbooks, but probably
not until next academic year. I don't even have computer/tech time for the next month and a half, partly because
short term in the HS and partly bc I have a huge play production going up mid Feb and am using all the available
half group times to coordinate that. I see the value in gaming, but I don't see how to make it happen. Maybe I
should just scrap it all and develop a writing/tech project instead for this year. There's no point in hanging on
to the gaming thread if I can't actually come up with an artifact for it this year, right?